IFLA and LIBER (Association of European Research Libraries) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding.

LIBER and IFLA share objectives in promoting access to knowledge for education, learning, and research. Significant areas of interest shared by both organizations are in the fields of copyright frameworks supporting the mission of librariesand the extension of library and research activities into the digital environment, in Europe and worldwide.

We will work together to advance these interests, with a special emphasis on frameworks that foster text and data mining, research data sharing, access to content and digital preservation, in particular in Europe where they have overlapping interests.

Key Objectives

  • To work together to advocate on areas of special interest, especially on copyright and access to information to improve the copyright landscape for library and information services and the delivery of end-user services supporting teaching, learning and research.
  • To co-operate in advocacy activities particularly at the European level, such as at the European Commission and other relevant forums.