is the premier learning space of the Solomon Islands National University Library (SINU-LIB), established in 2013 as the hub of three campus libraries of Kukum, Panatina, and Ranadi – disseminating pioneer scholarly services via printed and digital resources.

The site’s printed collection was initially classified using the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) standard and described using the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, second edition (AACR2R). The resources have since moved on to be catalogued using the Resource Description and Access (RDA) standard and is operated using an integrated library system software Koha, with Dspace software being used for the digital commons repository. The website offers extensive databases and document repositories that are rich with millions of born-digital resources to assist its users.

The website’s vision and mission are to disseminate compulsory and auxiliary information via conventional and digital products such as social media and information kiosks. The website covers various technical and user services, with document delivery via SDI/ILL/Send-It service, and user education providing many learning opportunities to meet the needs of SINU-LIB.

Solomon Islands National University
  1. SINU Digital Space

The SINU-LIB site hosts a virtual space where knowledge transcends the confines of traditional paper and ink. Within this digital platform, visitors are invited to explore beyond the physical constraints of bookshelves and library walls,  where an expansive oasis of e-books e-journals, online databases, digital libraries, and a platform dedicated to archiving and retrieving SINU-LIB academic and research endeavours, can be found.

  1. Research Tools

On offer are a suite of tools for academic writing, including citation management tools that automate the citation process, saving time and reducing errors. Its Research Management System (RMS) tools help users organize their citations and documents efficiently, with features like tagging, and search functionality. Additionally, SINU-LIB provides comprehensive citation guides tailored to various academic disciplines.

3 . SINU Library Services

The SINU-LIB website’s writing lab is a service designed to help students improve their writing skills. The training consists of three categories (Microsoft Office, Turabian style and ISO 7144, and citation management), and is conducted by experienced library staff. The aim is to develop students in their basic word-processing skills, academic writing, and referencing of information sources.

On top of this writing lab, SINU-LIB offers additional services to help students and faculty efficiently utilise our resources, providing access to information and resources essential for teaching, learning, and research. These include information literacy instruction, reference assistance, access to the physical and digital collection, interlibrary loan, service user assistance and support, outreach, and user engagement.

  1. Collections

SINU-LIB houses eight collections according to the types and their usage, with restrictions covering the use of some of the materials according to the type of usage.

            The General Collection

  • Encompasses factual books spanning various subjects like Arts, History, Psychology, Religion, Science, Mathematics, and others.
  • Available for borrowing.

The Fiction Collection

  • Enjoyable reading materials, including simplified versions.
  • Available for borrowing.

The Reference Collection

  • Contains encyclopedias, dictionaries, and textbooks for quick reference and research
  • Not available for borrowing.

Serials/Periodical Collection

  • Consists of journals, magazines, and newspapers.
  • Some require librarian assistance for access.

            Reserve Collection

  • Contains high-demand materials reserved by lecturers.
  • Accessible within the library with ID cards, and potentially for overnight loans.

The Research/Solomon Islands Collection at the Panatina Library

  • Collection focuses on resources related to the Solomon Islands and the Pacific.
  • Accessible within the library with ID cards only.

Additional Memorial Collections

  • These include the Prof. Brij Lall Collection, and Clive Moore’s Audio, Video, Gallery, and Thesis collection.
  1. Publications

SINU-LIB is committed to disseminating knowledge through various publications, catering to the academic community and beyond. Among these publications are the following:

 SINU Library Digest

Provides a quarterly publication that offers curated selections of jourlans, articles, databases, ebooks, new printed materials, other scholarly resources, and updates on events happening within the SINU-LIB. This ensures students, faculty, and researchrs are aware of the wealth of information available to them.

 Library Monthly Classified

A monthly publication of newly added materials to the university library collection. Library Monthly Classfied ensures students, researchers, and staff members are kept updated on the constantly evolving landscape of academic resources available to them.

 On Solomon

A quarterly publication issue dedicated to showcasing work by authors and researchers from the Solomon Islands.

  1. SINU Library Outreach Full Moon Day Night Event

 The SINU-LIB is committed to fostering a culture of lifelong learning among its students and staff. Recognizing the importance of continuous education and personal growth beyond the classroom, the library organizes a diverse range of monthly events aimed at providing opportunities for enrichment, skill development, and cultural exchange – with these events taking place on the full moon day night. This year, the lineup of events planned by the SINU-LIB reflects a commitment to celebrating the rich cultural diversity within the university community. Each event is designed to not only showcase the unique cultural heritage of students and staff but also to promote cross-cultural understanding and appreciation.

  1. Library Information System Programme

The Department of Library & Information Systems offer courses for a Higher Education Certificate and Higher Education Diploma in Library and Information Systems. These two programmes are jointly offered by the Department of Library in collaboration with the School of Humanities at the Faculty of Education & Humanities. The programmes contain a breadth of topics across the discipline of Library & Information Systems, with an emphasis on national and regional requirements while keeping Library Science at the center of focus.

Contributed by the Solomon Islands National University Library.