IFLA New Professionals Special Interest Group

Perfectly aligned with the IFLA’s Strategy Key Initiative 3.2, the IFLA New Professionals Special Interest Group (NPSIG) is proving its significance every single day!

Key Initiative 3.2

NPSIG is an open global network for library and information science new professionals and supporters. No matter how old you are, new professionals are eager to know, meet and cooperate with colleagues from all over the world.

The NPSIG has been a leader in hosting virtual events. What are they are up to? Well, this can be expressed in three words: strengthening, inspiring and connecting the library field.

1. Strengthening the global voice by connecting new professionals


NPSIG is always looking for new and interesting ways to build awareness around the work of new librarians across the globe, so the library and information sector can sense their presence everywhere and know they are here to support. For this reason, an online Map of New Professionals is being developed, with new professional associations continuously added.

By filling in their online survey, you can submit the names of the young professional library groups in your own country. All information will be presented on the interactive map on the NPSIG blog soon.

2. Inspiring professional practice by music

IFLA IASL webinar

Is it possible to talk about music and play songs at the IFLA Congress? Yes, it is and New Professionals SIG would like to encourage all librarians to take part in the Music in the Library World session which will be held at WLIC 2021. Preparations for this session will continue a few months more as NPSIG is organising the first WLIC-hosted Music Contest for librarians! The task is simple: if you prepare a song and send it to NSPIG, there is a good chance you could win and be famous! 

Celebrating the topic “music in libraries and by librarians” will begin at the SIG’s webinar to be held on 29 September at 16:00 pm (CEST). NPSIG, in cooperation with the International Association of Music Libraries, Archives, and Documentation Centres (IAML), has organised an online webinar, “Five Perspectives On Music Librarianship.”

Five experts will present different aspects of the use of music in the library world. Find out more on NPSIG Blog; a website dedicated to the contest is coming soon.

3. Connecting the field through online meetings

NPSIG online meetings

It is a tradition that NPSIG members organize happy hours and business meetings during the IFLA Congress. This year there was not just one NPSIG meeting but four separate virtual meetings in four different languages: English, French, Spanish and Slovak.

NPSIG representatives take part in national online conferences. Most recently, they are helping to organise Occupy Library 2020.

Stay connected with IFLA NPSIG via FacebookTwitterInstagram, and the NPSIG Blog.

You’ll always find interesting news and get connected!