Call for Papers

The program committee seeks submissions in line with the main theme Connect, Collaborate, Create: Advancing Library Associations and Partnerships to Future-proof our Profession and based on the following topics:

Success stories and best practices in academic libraries

  • Innovative strategies for engaging students in academic libraries.
  • Outreach and activities for library users
  • Innovative approaches in teaching and learning, engagement, marketing, etc.
  • Instructional design for information literacy, including teaching practice, session design, lesson plans, and self-paced modules to enhance performance.
  • Information Literacy and Virtual Learning Environments /online learning
  • AI in libraries and opportunities and obstacles in teaching information skills
  • Implementing the theory of information literacy into practice
  • Teaching information discovery and searching strategies
  • Library Systems and technology
  • Library projects and collaboration
  • Application of relevant SDG in academic libraries

Information skills for life, information organisation and management

  • Information skills and lifelong learning in a changing educational landscape,
  • Information skills and technological developments (AI and other emerging technologies and innovation)
  • Developing information skills for the next generation
  • Ethical challenges of AI in libraries and teaching information skills
  • Information Skills and the Knowledge Economy
  • Information skills education and training
  • Information skills and academic libraries
  • Information skills and blended and distance learning
  • The future of information literacy
  • Plagiarism: teaching, tools, policies, challenges

Strategic planning and management in academic libraries

  • The role of libraries in supporting the delivery of institutional goals and strategy
  • Local and global collaborations and partnerships as a strategy for change
  • Restructuring of libraries
  • Professional communication
  • Management and leadership for the future
  • Managing change in libraries
  • Planning staff development
  • Strategic planning for student and academic engagement
  • Library policies and strategic development
  • Branding, promotion and marketing of libraries

Research practice in libraries

  • Supporting research and Open Access
  • Digital Repositories
  • Supporting Research Data lifecycle in libraries
  • Open Access Publishing
  • The Read and Publish Agreements
  • Open Educational Resources
  • Libraries’ role and contribution to the Open Science movement
  • Research Data management
  • Open Access Management
  • Role of Academic Libraries in Open Research
  • Modernising repositories for the era of Open Science

Management of Library Associations of IFLA

The Management of Library Associations of IFLA is delighted to collaborate with the Nazarbayev University Library and the Association of University Libraries in the Republic of Kazakhstan to present a joint conference. The goal is to bring information, experiences and recommendations to contribute to strengthen library associations worldwide.

Here are MLAS themes to inspire you:

  • Information Integrity,
  • library advocacy,
  • library association’s financial sustainability,
  • strategic forecasting,
  • and membership management.

These themes identified by MLAS for the conference are based on MLAS analysis of data from IFLA and MLAS. Additionally, we considered priority themes of bodies such as the United Nations where IFLA has maintained a constant presence for the last ten years.

Important dates for Call for Papers:

  • Call for Papers – 20 January 2024
  • Abstracts submissions deadline – 20 February 2024
  • Notification of Acceptance – 5 March 2024
  • Full Paper Submission Deadline – 1 May 2024
  • Submission of PowerPoint Presentations – 5 May 2024
  • Start of Registration – 31 January 2024
  • Conference – 29-31 May 2024

Conference Registration: 

For further inquiries, please contact [email protected]

IFLA MLAS invites libray associations leaders, representatives and members at large to share their experiences, case studies, best practices, models and recommendations related to the following areas:

  • Information Integrity; 
  • library advocacy;
  • library association’s financial sustainability; 
  • library associations’ strategic forecasting; 
  • library association membership management. 

We welcome submissions in the 7 IFLA languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Russian and Spanish. Speakers will present in person and cover their own expenses. The languages of the conference are the languages of Kazakhstan: English, Kazakh, and Russian.