Our exciting Open Session at WLIC 2019 Keeping it Real while Augmenting Reality: the Impact of Technology and Equipment on Library Design takes place at 8.30am on Wednesday 28th August, Session 205 in Lambrakis.
Libraries use technology and equipment in creative ways to enhance the user experience, foster experimentation and innovation, create operational efficiencies, provide inclusive services and spaces, bridge any gap between the physical and digital, support effective service delivery, and more. This programme examines current and future roles of technology and equipment in positioning libraries to offer enhanced services, promoting change within their communities, the profession and society at large, and how these roles impact the built environment.
Our programme seeks to stimulate ideas about new uses of older technologies and to examine methods and opportunities for using low and high-tech equipment to meet all budgets. The programme includes an exciting range of speakers from around the world . Join us at 8.30am on Wednesday 28th August for Session 205 in Lambrakis.