2010 IFLA Annual ReportA major focus for IFLA in 2010 was the integration of our many activities into longer term 2010–2015 strategic planning. We now work more effectively across the organisation and can better apply the extensive knowledge and expertise within our membership to our external relations and advocacy. It also meant that Ellen Tise’s Presidential Theme—Libraries Driving Access to Knowledge—was fully embedded in our strategic directions.

Throughout 2010, IFLA has driven the agenda for libraries driving access to knowledge and much more. 

Read all about this exciting year in IFLA’s 2010 Annual Report [PDF, 2.84 MB]

IFLA Annual Report 2010 / Compiled and edited by IFLA Headquarters
The Hague, IFLA Headquarters, 2011 – 23 p. 30 cm.
ISBN 978-90-77897-52-2


NOTE: Print copies will be posted to all IFLA members in the next week.