IFLA Journal

Volume 39, No.2 (June 2013)



All Change: From Helsinki to Singapore
Stephen Parker 101



Singapore libraries: From bricks and mortar to information anytime anywhere
Julie S. Sabaratnam and Esther Ong 103

Commonwealth of uncertainty: How British and American professional models of library practice have shaped LIS Education in selected former British Colonies and Dominions
Mary Carroll, Paulette Kerr, Abdullahi I. Musa and Waseem Afzal 121

Leadership in libraries in times of change
Petra Düren 134

Welcoming, flexible, and state-of-the-art: Approaches to continuous facilities improvement
Charles Forrest and Sharon L. Bostick 140

UNIMARC – Understanding the past to envision the future
Rosa Maria Galvão and Maria Inês Cordeiro  151

Techniques to understand the changing needs of library users
Susan Gibbons 162

Measuring the public library’s societal value: A methodological research program
Frank Huysmans and Marjolein Oomes 168

News 178

Abstracts 185


Each issue covers news of current IFLA activities and articles, selected to reflect the variety of the international information profession, ranging from freedom of information, preservation, services to the visually impaired and intellectual property.

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