IFLA’s Preservation and Conservation (PAC) Centre Chile, hosted by the National Library of Chile, has created a video guide to preserving photographs at home.

In this video, PAC Centre Director Maria Soledad Abarca de la Fuente shares recommendations with viewers on how to care for family photographs – with easy steps one can accomplish with minimal tools at home.

The goal is to show that you do not have to be an expert to better care for your family’s photographs. By following the simple recommendations in the video, you can better preserve your family’s heritage for future generations.

Get started with preserving your own family history! Video in Spanish with English and Spanish subtitles.



PAC Chile created this video as part of the programme Memorias del Siglo XX, a project of the National Archives of Chile. With the motto, “Remember stories, build our memory”, this project promotes the participation of individuals and communities in the collective processes of preserving local memory and heritage.  

Since 2007, the project has compiled more than 10,000 photographs, which have been digitised and contextualized participatively by community members, and made available on the project’s website. 

Find out more about IFLA’s PAC Network here: IFLA PAC