The Preservation and Conservation (PAC) Centre hosted at the National Library of Sri Lanka specialises in preserving the country’s unique documentary cultural heritage.

Featured among these materials are Palm Leaf Manuscripts – a method of recording knowledge dating back to ancient times. These manuscripts contain inscriptions on subjects ranging from Buddhism, to history, archaeology, traditional medicine, folktales, astrology, and more.

Palm leaf manuscripts are a vital aspect of the cultural heritage and memory of the country. Given their delicate nature and the tropical climate of Sri Lanka, proper storage and handling of palm leaf manuscripts is a critical aspect to their long-term preservation.

PAC Centre Director Udaya Cabral and R.M Nadeeka Rathnabahu, Senior Lecturer, Department of Library and Information Sciences, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka, have published this new Report detailing best practices for the conservation of Palm-Leaf Manuscripts.

Download the report here.

This report will be highly informative for any institutions around the world that include palm leaf manuscripts in their collections, or for conservators who are interested in methods to safeguard this unique form of documentary heritage.

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