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Promise, progress... and persistent problems: catching up on the situation for eLending in the United States

6 April 2021

    The past year has underlined how essential it is for libraries to be able to offer access to content digitally. With major expansion in demand from users, there have been both welcome moves from publishers to facilitate access, but also increasingly clear evidence of underlying challenges in the eBook market. We interviewed Sari Feldman and Alan Inouye, ALA, to get an update.

    Access not Administrative Burdens: IFLA signs letter on special trade provisions for least developed countries

    9 March 2021

      IFLA has lent its support to efforts to ensure that least developed countries continue to enjoy greater flexibilities and lower administrative requirements in implementing trade deals. Retaining these possibilities will support investment, and more favourable laws, for education and research, and the libraries that support them.

      Sustaining libraries in a digital world: Interview with Jennie Rose Halperin, Library Futures

      2 March 2021

        Library Futures is a newly created organisation in the United States, focused on the questions facing libraries in the digital world, with a view both to supporting learning and capacity building on the ground, and advocating for policy change. We interviewed Jennie Rose Halperin, Executive Director of Library Futures, to find out more.

        IFLA Signs on to ICOLC Statement on Resource Access during COVID-19, Shares Principles for Associations in Negotiations

        27 May 2020

          IFLA has signed onto the Statement by the International Coalition of Library Consortia on the global COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on library services and resources. To further support members, IFLA's Advisory Committee on Copyright and other Legal Matters has produced principles for use in negotiation with rightholders.

          Leading library, archives, and museum organisations call on WIPO to help safeguard cultural heritage

          27 April 2020

            With this year's World Intellectual Property Day focusing on innovation for a green future, IFLA and its partners have come together to call on governments and the World Intellectual Property Organization not to forget the past. An open letter calling for action to ensure that intellectual property laws do not stand in the way of preservation of heritage faced with climate change already has 155 organisational and institutional co-signatories, and 55 individuals. The letter is still open for signatories.

            IFLA Leads Open Letter on Intellectual Property and COVID-19

            3 April 2020

              Faced with the urgent need to combat the COVID-19 Pandemic and its consequences, it is vital to ensure that intellectual property laws and practices do not become a blockage. IFLA, working with its partners, has led in drafting an open letter - already signed by over 140 organisations and individuals - to the Director General of WIPO to underline this point and call for action.