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IFLA marks World Refugee Day

20 June 2017

    On World Refugee Day, the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions wishes to highlight the richness and vibrancy of an inclusive and open society by reminding how libraries play an integral role in democratization and integration. IFLA believes that open societies are healthy societies and that libraries guarantee basic human rights by enabling access to information and knowledge for all.

    Open Access, Public Access, Meaningful Access: Libraries heard at WSIS Forum and Human Rights Council

    19 June 2017

      Article 19 of the Universal Convention on Human Rights offers freedom of access to information for all. IFLA’s presence at the World Summit on the Information Society Forum 2017 and the 35th Session of the Human Rights Council allowed delegates to hear the library perspective on three aspects of access to information – open, public and meaningful.

      Bring the Persecution of Librarians to an End: IFLA President Donna Scheeder on the Judgement in the Case of Natalya Sharina

      13 June 2017

        Ever since her arrest in October 2015, IFLA has followed closely the case of Natalya Sharina, the former librarian of the Library of Ukrainian Literature in Moscow. Following the judgement in her case, IFLA President Natalya Sharina has made a statement, expressing IFLA's disappointment in the result, and calling for the end to the banning of books and persecution of librarians worldwide.

        Libraries, Human Rights and the Internet: IFLA Engages in Geneva

        12 June 2017

          Libraries have a major practical role in giving their users access to knowledge and protecting their intellectual freedom. This week in Geneva, IFLA will speak at the World Summit on the Information Society 2017, as well as Human Rights Council consultations, in order to highlight this contribution to governments, business and civil society organisations.

          More than Wires: IFLA Highlights Role of Libraries in Providing Meaningful Internet Access at EuroDIG

          8 June 2017

            With long established worries about the digital divide meeting rapidly growing concerns about fake news, it is clear that alongside the immense benefits the Internet brings, there are also challenges. IFLA attended the 10th European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG) in Tallinn, Estonia, to underline what libraries contribute to the response.

            Don’t Forget the Library Voice in the Right to Be Forgotten: Libraries Engage in Chile

            8 June 2017

              The Internet has made information easier to share and access than ever before. As long as links remain live, it also means that age is not a barrier to discovery, with search engines able to sort through billions of pages in order to highlight results. This possibility makes a major contribution to the usability of the Internet. At the same time, there have been growing concerns about how easy it can be to discover information that people, for a variety of reasons may wish to consign to history.

              Protecting Your Privacy? Go to the Library! IFLA Attends RightsCon 2017

              5 May 2017

                Libraries have always worked to help people navigate the information environment. In a digital world, access to information and freedom of expression relies on privacy. Libraries have both the responsibility to protect this in their own operations, and the opportunity to help their users benefit from their right to a private life. At its first appearance at RightsCon, IFLA set out what libraries are doing in the field.

                Different Paths, Same Principles – Discussing Library Codes of Ethics

                23 December 2016

                  The work of libraries in providing access to knowledge is not a simple one. As well as much discussed constraints linked to levels of funding, staffing and copyright laws, librarians and library workers must also solve questions where fundamental rights and principles come into play. At recent events, FAIFE Chair Martyn Wade has shared IFLA's work on ethics and freedom of expression.

                  Unnecessary and Disproportionate: IFLA President Donna Scheeder Calls for End to Proceedings against Natalya Sharina

                  15 December 2016

                    In October 2015, Natalya Sharina, Director of the Library of Ukrainian literature in Moscow, was arrested and charged on suspicion of inciting hatred or animosity towards a social group. The justification? Allegedly holding banned books in the library she ran. IFLA President Donna Scheeder has written once again to the judge and prosecutor, calling for the case to be brought to an end.

                    Liberty in the Library – FAIFE Network Launches

                    29 November 2016

                      Libraries are increasingly places not just for reading, but also for creating and sharing. They are guardians of free access to information and free expression – two values which are inseparable from each other. Yet in the Internet Age, new possibilities may be compromised by a sense of insecurity and loss of privacy online. Libraries aim to find a way to overcome this apparent trade-off. The new FAIFE Network offers a forum for discussion on how to do this.

                      Libraries Key to Defending Freedom Online

                      21 November 2016

                        The number of people connecting to and using the Internet is expanding rapidly, but so too are concerns about freedom online. The role of libraries in giving access to information, and the skills needed to know how to use it, is centuries old, but has a particular relevance today. The Freedom Online Conference, held on 17-19 October 2016 in San Jose, Costa Rica, provided an opportunity to underline the contribution libraries make to a free, trusted, and sustainable Internet.

                        IFLA FAIFE Releases Statement on the Continued House Arrest of Natalya Sharina

                        1 September 2016

                          Natalya Sharina, Director of the Library of Ukrainian Literature in Moscow, has been under house arrest since October 2015. Recent media reports, suggesting that her detention will continue at least until 28 October only underline the disproportionate and unnecessary nature of the treatment she has received. IFLA's Committee on Freedom of Access to Information and Freedom of Expression has issued a statement.

                          The Internet as a Human Right? IFLA Promotes Public Access at EuroDIG

                          14 June 2016

                            The internet offers an invaluable tool for achieving the key objective of libraries – providing equitable access to knowledge and information. Librarians have been quick to seize the opportunity, offering not only physical access, but also training and specific resources online that help users learn, enjoy and explore. At the European Dialogue on Internet Governance, IFLA representatives argued for policies and practices that support them in this role.