Paraguayan libraries align with the IFLA Strategy

The National Association of Information Managers in Paraguay (APGI), was founded in 2017. Its primary objectives of strengthening librarians and libraries are in line with the IFLA Strategy, especially with IFLA Key Initiatives 2.1, 3.1 and 4.4.

Key Initiative 2.1Key Initiative 3.1Key Initiative 4.4

In this article, we explore APGI’s ways of commitment to supporting the achievement of the IFLA Strategy.

APGI makes Paraguayan libraries visible

APGI map of libraries in Paraguay

IFLA Key Initiative 2.1

APGI has been carrying out a survey of libraries all around Paraguay, collaborating with the IFLA Library Map of the World (LMW). To date APGI has collected data from 956 Paraguayan libraries of different types: private and public, university, school libraries and others specialized in different areas of knowledge.

At the same time, APGI has been developing the Map of Libraries of Paraguay.

APGI inspires librarians to explore new tools

APGI's course on "Decimal Classification and Comprehensive Management Systems for Libraries"

IFLA Key Initiative 3.1

APGI actively supports colleagues to improve their professional practice, offering free courses, providing tools and resources necessary for librarians to gain, adapt and implement new knowledge in diverse areas of expertise and in new technologies for libraries, in order to satisfy the expectations of users.

APGI connects local colleagues

IFLA NPSIG member, Andrés Reinoso, spoke at the IFLA Strategy meeting in Paraguay.

IFLA Key Initiative 3.1

A meeting to celebrate the “Day of the Paraguayan Librarian”, served to provide a space for dialogue and the sharing of ideas among Paraguayan librarians around IFLA and the IFLA Strategy 2019-2024.

Participants explored how librarians in Paraguay could take the IFLA Strategy as a guide to work among themselves and with their communities.

The six-hour workshop was attended by 25 colleagues from different libraries in the country. The event provided the opportunity for, information science students and librarians from public, university, school, cultural centre and government libraries to develop an action plan that is aligned to the global IFLA Strategy.

APGI supports and makes visible the Paraguayan Street Libraries Project

Street Libraries in Paraguay

IFLA Key Initiative 4.4

Street Libraries are a phenomenon that first appeared in Paraguay in 2018. They are scattered throughout the country. They are small container spaces installed outdoors, which contain books so that people take a copy and leave another in turn, and in this way encourage reading.

APGI accompanies this project by disseminating all related activities on the association’s social networks as well as the collecting and donating national books for libraries.

The APGI President, Fabrizzio Zucchini said:

APGI is a new association, but we are working hard to strengthen the institution, empowering ourselves and optimizing the operation of the association. The library sector in Paraguay has to face a great challenge: institutions such as libraries are not supported by the state. We need library policies to reach everyone. We are committed to being part of IFLA, an organization that brings together all institutions of the sector at a global level to receive their collaboration, guidelines and objectives in order to continue growing in the impact of our actions for the good of the professionals and the communities we represent.”

Follow APGI’s wonderful work via the APGI website and social media.

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