a workshop participant busy with small repairs and gaps filling

A workshop participant busy with small repairs and gap filling

21-22 July 2010

Organised by IFLA, the International Council on Archives (ICA), International Committee of the Blue Shield (ICBS), & the Consortium for the Preservation of Documentary Patrimony in Case of Disaster (COSADOCA), this second mission allowed us to finalize a number of issues relating to the installation of the Ark rescue centre as well as advance other projects for Haitian libraries and archives. 

Dust removal A number of personnel from the National Library of Haiti (NBH) and Archives of Ministry of Foreign affairs of Haiti (MEA) participated in training sessions to develop a variety of restoration techniques, skills, and best practices. This training will allow the NBH to reopen its doors at the end of renovation work and the installation of new shelving that should arrive in late August – early September.

A PowerPoint slide show presenting the training in the archives of the MEA will be presented at the IFLA 2010 conference in Gothenburg, Sweden. 

Activities will continue on-site until the completion of the temporary building archives of the MEA and the opening up of the (rescue) document processing center in the Ark. 

Additional programs tailored to the specific restoration needs from archives and libraries in Haiti are currently being developed by Maria Teresa Shazar and Danielle Mincio.

Dust removal workshop National Library of Haiti

Dust removal workshop at the National Library of Haiti

The tenacity and enthusiasm of our Haitians colleagues to rebuild their cultural heritage and develop access to knowledge to all the Haitians and the support of local political authorities, are essential to successful projects initiated by international professional communities.

Danielle Mincio
Conservateur des Manuscrits
Responsable PAC (préservation et conservation)
Bibliothèque cantonale et universitaire –
CH-1015 Lausanne