The Public Library Standing Committee (PLSC) held its mid-term meeting in Finland  12-13 March. Our packed program included participation  in  a one day seminar, The Marrakesh Treaty in Action: Implementing the treaty and more ideas for accessible digital reading organised by Celia Library, IFLA Libraries Serving Persons with Print Disabilities, and the Finnish Library Association. This gave our members an appreciation of the Treaty and how it impacts on our services.  The seminar was held at the magical Oodi Helsinki Central Library and we were treated to a tour of this wonderful place before we headed north to Tampere for our meeting.

Our host, PLSC member Pirkko Lindberg and her staff made us incredibly welcome in snowy Tampere where we gained an understanding of this historic city. Our meeting at the Tampere Library allowed us to discuss the many projects in which the SC is involved including the IFLA/Systematic Public Library of the Year; the review of the Public Library Manifesto and our programs fo the WLIC in Athens. The Minutes of the meeting are now available to download.

As a fitting finale we were traeted to a traditional smoke sauna followed by ice-swimming and the (not so traditional) karaoke! Is it any wonder people are fighting to be part of the PLSC!