Available the recording of IFLA WLIC 2021: a Solutions Room on Implementing the “IFLA Guidelines for Professional LIS Education Programmes”: Stakeholder Perspectives and Buy-in Locally and Globally.

The session was led on August 18 and 19 at WLIC2021 with leaders and stakeholders together for robust engagement and creative approaches to adopting, supporting and promoting the IFLA Guidelines to develop LIS education programs, appropriate to a diverse community and relevant to its local contexts in a globalised economy. The IFLA Building Strong LIS Education (BSLISE) Working Group will explore how the IFLA leadership, staff, and units, as well as other appropriate LIS entities, can move the Guidelines forward. Moreover, the deliberations will inform the implementation of the Guidelines, and its alignment with opportunity #10 in IFLA’s Global Vision: We must give young professionals effective opportunities to learn, develop and lead. The Section on Education and Training, the Library Theory and Research Section, and LIS Education in Developing Countries SIG will consider the input and perspectives shared in the Guidelines implementation process.


  • Christine Mackenzie (Australia) – Welcome to Solutions Session on “IFLA Guidelines for Professional LIS Education Programmes”
  • Jaya Raju (South Africa) – Setting the Stage for the “IFLA Guidelines for Professional LIS Education Programmes”
  • Clara M. Chu (United States) – Global North Stakeholder Perspectives and Buy-in
  • Diljit Singh (Malaysia) – Global South Stakeholder Perspectives and Buy-In
  • Barbara Lison (Germany) – IFLA’s role in the implementation of new “IFLA Guidelines for Professional LIS Education Programmes”.

The recording is on the IFLA BSLISE website: https://bslise.org/lis-education-guidelines/ or at the direct link https://uofi.box.com/s/70fyoic8enyv4ieb8cl55ryugp96xy6m