This interdisciplinary conference will explore the conceptual and practical ground where traditional area studies, art history, periodical studies, digital humanities, computer science, and library and information science converge. We are interested in how these fields inform each other and challenge us to think and create in new ways, both as builders of digital resources and as scholars and teachers of avant-garde periodicals.

The keynote lecture and conference papers reflect on the following set of questions:

  • What intellectual and technological insights emerge when we attempt to represent avant-garde periodicals—their specific aesthetic, material, and social features; format; diverse historical, linguistic and national specificities—in the digital environment?
  • What are the potentials, and what are the risks, for intellectual engagement with avant-garde periodicals when they are remediated in the digital environment?
  • What positive and/or negative impact can the application of new methods of representation and analysis have on both short-term research and teaching and longer-term understanding of this material?
  • Can we define a set of priorities, or best practices, for representing avant-garde periodicals in the digital environment?

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