On 6-8 October, 2021, an exciting collaboration between the IFLA Library and Research Services for Parliaments Section and the Inter-Parliamentary Union led to a successful virtual event, addressing some key issues on the agenda of parliamentary library & research services in the next decade.

The conference attracted almost 500 registrations worldwide and around 150-220 simultaneous participants throughout the three days it was running.

Full information on the conference, including the names and details of all the presenters,  and integrated links to videos and slides can be found in English, French and Spanish online versions of the conference programme.

Read the complete report:

Report: IFLA-IPU Conference Parliamentary library & research services: towards an agenda for the next decade

This report summarises the 2021 IFLA-IPU Conference "Parliamentary library & research services: towards an agenda for the next decade", and includes links to session recordings and presentation slides. The title of each session includes a link to the full-length video of the session, including any s...