Save the date for the final conference of the HERMES project on resource sharing, bringing together librarians, researchers, students and advocates for a knowledge commons in order to share tools, learn lessons, and identify future needs in the field of resource sharing. The conference takes place on 18 April 2023 at the National Library of the Netherlands in The Hague, with training on 19 April.

The HERMES Project has, over the past three years, brought together libraries from across Europe and beyond in order to develop the infrastructure for resource sharing between institutions. Building on an idea born out of necessity during the COVID-19 Pandemic, it has demonstrated the value of practical cooperation between professionals and institutions as a pre-condition for making a reality of the goal of truly globally shared knowledge.

The final conference will be an opportunity to get to know better the outputs of the project – a software platform to support resource sharing, a handbook for the benefit of professionals and casual users alike, and training – as well as to hear more about the synergies and collaborations it has made possible. Participants will go away with a stronger understanding of current and emerging issues, and the tools available to address them.

Beyond this, the conference will also engage all those present in reflecting on the broader resource sharing landscape, and how it contributes to the goal of building a knowledge commons, long the goal of the open movement as a whole.

Through exploring shared trends between different parts of the world, as well as putting hot topics in resource sharing into a wider context, it promises also to give participants fresh insights and knowledge, as well as a valuable opportunity to network with peers from within and beyond their fields.

In addition to a conference, participants will be free to join a half-day training session based on the knowledge generated through the HERMES project on the following day.

Find out more about the conference on the HERMES website, including how to register, and how to apply for a grant or poster session?