I am pleased to announce that following the recent IFLA Governing Board elections the 2019-2021 Governing Board to be led by incoming President Christine Mackenzie will comprise:


Barbara Lison (Germany)

Elected Members:

Name Number of votes
1.   Michael Dowling (United States of America) 2nd term 801
2.   Marwa El Sahn (Egypt) 2nd term 745
3.   Ai Cheng Tay (Singapore) 683
4.   Antonia Arahova (Greece) 2nd term 659
5.   Knud Schulz (Denmark) 2nd term 636
6.   Huanwen Cheng (China) 2nd term 635
7.   Torbjörn Nilsson (Sweden) 2nd term 611
8.   Minna von Zansen (Finland) 563
9.   Sueli Mara Soares Pinto Ferreira (Brazil) 2nd term 556
10. Jonathan Hernández-Pérez (Mexico) 539
10. Rocky Ralebipi-Simela (South Africa) 539
Franck Hurinville (France) 530
Maja Žumer (Slovenia) 470
Nafisah Binti Ahmad (Malaysia) 459
Ayub Khan (United Kingdom) 456
Diane Koen (Canada) 421
Janet Fletcher (New Zealand) 385
Tomasz Gruszkowski (Poland) 382
Silvia Stasselová (Slovakia) 268
Lisa Hinchliffe (United States of America) 266
Renaldas Gudauskas (Lithuania) 254
Vadim Duda (Russian Federation) 172

The elected members 1 – 9 in the table above are automatically elected. There is a tie for the 10th and final position on the Governing Board. In accordance with Rule 11.15 of IFLA’s Rules of Procedure and the Statutes dealing with elections, and on the advice of IFLA’s Parliamentarian and Expert on Rules and Procedures, Martyn Wade, a new election will be held between these candidates at the next meeting of the General Assembly on 28 August 2019 in Athens, Greece.

All IFLA Members eligible to vote will receive further information as part of the Convening Notice to be sent out in June 2019.

The total number of valid ballot papers received for the vacancies on the Governing Board were 387, a return rate of 38%. This represents 1647 votes, 47% of the possible total.

Ms N. van Schaverbeke and Ms A. Verheusen, the independent scrutineers, are satisfied that the above result is correct, following an accurate count of the ballot papers.

Ex-officio members of the Board will be:

  • Chair Professional Committee: Vicki McDonald, Australia
  • Chair Division I: Sonia Poulin, Canada
  • Chair Division II: Helen Vincent, United Kingdom
  • Chair Division III: Adjoa Boateng, United Kingdom
  • Chair Division IV: Catharina Isberg, Sweden
  • Chair Division V: Sanjay Kumar Bihani, India

The Chair of the Management of Library Associations Section will be elected in August at its Standing Committee meeting in Athens, Greece.

Board members will take office on 29 August 2019.

My congratulations to those elected and I would like to thank all candidates for their commitment to IFLA and willingness to participate in this way.

Gerald Leitner
Secretary General
17 May 2019