Sinikka Sipilä

IFLA has pleasure in announcing the result of the postal ballot for the election of President-elect 2011.

Sinikka Sipilä (Finland) is elected to serve as President-elect for the term 2011-2013 and to serve as President for the term 2013-2015.

The votes received were as follows: Sinikka Sipilä 1017 votes and Jesus Lau 828 votes.

The total number of valid ballot papers received for the elections for this post was 579, a return rate of 48%. This represents 1888 votes, 60% of the possible total.

Dr. P.J. Moree and Drs J.J.M. Bos, the scrutineers appointed by the Governing Board, are satisfied that the above result is correct, following an accurate count of the ballot papers.

Jennefer Nicholson
Secretary General
06 June 2011