Barbara Lison

​IFLA has the pleasure of announcing the result of the count of the nominations received for IFLA President-elect 2019-2021.

The nominations received were for one candidate, Barbara Lison, with 58 nominations.

Nominees required at least 10 nominations in order to be part of an election ballot. Barbara Lison, the only candidate to receive any nominations, is therefore automatically elected to serve as President-elect for the term 2019-2021 and to serve as President for the term 2021-2023. 

Barbara is currently the Director of the Bremen Public Library in Bremen, Germany. She has served as President of Bibliothek Information Deutschland (2006-2010) and currently is the Chair of the German Library Association. Barbara is a member of the IFLA Governing Board and holds the position of IFLA Treasurer.

Gerald Leitner
Secretary General

The Hague, Netherlands
25 February 2019