Knowledge Management as a Vital Tool for Change Management

The IFLA Knowledge Management Standing Committee is pleased to announce a pre-conference Satellite Meeting in Lyon, France, 15 August 2014 This one day satellite meeting will focus on the processes which promote change management in the changing environment faced by libraries. It includes the tools manager librarians can use and the methods they can adopt through Knowledge Management to make a success of this transition period.

Change Management is important to the library community at this time as all libraries are experiencing transformational changes: disruptive digital technologies, new metadata and cataloguing rules, research data management, digital scholarship support, new forms of publication and academic world reformation are all taking new directions. The transformational change calls for agile organizational structure, innovative culture, and ever engaged and knowledgeable workforce. Knowledge Management can play a vital role in helping libraries in managing such changes. Among the similarities of change and knowledge management are traditional challenges such as resistance to change, persuasion of stakeholders and support of the executives.

The meeting will consider traditional and nontraditional techniques for using knowledge management to support organizational changes.


The Satellite meeting will count two or three topics with keynote speakers to introduce each of them. A call for papers will be organized to select contributors in November. The papers will be accepted only in English.