IFLA President's Meeting 2018: Live Streaming

On 19 March, two key moments of the IFLA President’s Meeting 2018 will be live streamed so that IFLA friends unable to come to Barcelona, Spain can still be a part of this flagship event.

Starting at 9:30hs (CET), the Opening will be live streamed, allowing viewers worldwide to get a taste of this unique event. The Opening will include an introduction by IFLA Secretary General, Gerald Leitner, and a welcome address by IFLA President, Glòria Pérez-Salmerón, under the theme: “Leading the way: Libraries as Motors of Change”.

At 16:30hs (CET) tune in again for an eagerly-awaited moment: The launch of IFLA’s Global Vision Report Summary. IFLA Secretary General Gerald Leitner will present the highlights of the summary, the result of six regional workshops, hundreds of discussions, and 22,000 responses to our online consultation from 213 countries and territories. The launch leads the Global Vision discussion into its second, exciting phase — creating global actions to make our vision real.

Live streaming will be offered via YouTube at 9:30hs (CET) and 16:30hs (CET). Check the equivalent time in your location. For more details, you can see the meeting programme

To access the live streaming just click on this link and select the LIVE video. No registration is required. A recording of the live streaming will be made available afterwards in our YouTube channel and our Vimeo channel.

Connect with us and join us from wherever you are!