IFLA’s Management of Library Associations Section (MLAS) in collaboration with the New Professionals Special Interest Group (NPSIG) is hosting a new webinar series to empower new library leaders worldwide and foster diversity within the profession.  

NOTE: The webinar series is now complete. Page including all the webinar’s information and recordings, here: https://www.ifla.org/https-www-ifla-org-2022-webinar-series/

Over the course of six webinars, library associations from countries in each Regional Division will present opportunities they provide for new and senior librarians including leadership opportunities and how these library associations are fostering diversity within the library profession and leadership. The webinar format includes interactive opportunities to engage attendees in conversations about those topics that will elicit best practices and recommendations and the needs of new and senior professionals.  

The insights gained from these webinars will then inform and enrich the MLAS Open Session at WLIC 2022 in Dublin, which will focus on the same theme.  

We are very excited to collaborate with colleagues from all the regions to present the events. Webinars featuring the North American and European regions were successfully presented in March and April, respectively. Recordings will be ready soon.

Webinars coordinator and moderator: Loida Garcia-Febo, MLAS Information Coordinator.

We are announcing the dates and times for the next webinars so you can save the date and join us:

May 25  Time: 3pm Cairo, Amsterdam/ 9am New York
Sub-Saharan Africa:
May 26  Time: 3pm Cape Town, Amsterdam/ 9am New York
Latin America & Caribbean:
Date: 15 June
Time: 1pm Costa Rica/ 2pm Mexico/ 3pm New York/ 4pm Argentina/ 9pm Amsterdam
Asia and Oceania:
Date: June 21
Time: 7pm New Zealand/ 3pm Beijing, Manila, Malaysia/ 9am Amsterdam