I wish to advise that IFLA has reached a settlement agreement with Gerald Leitner to dissolve his employment contract. This was based on the recommendation of IFLA’s lawyers and in the best interests of IFLA. The settlement agreement specifies that Gerald Leitner and IFLA will go separate ways as of 1 January 2023. Below is the statement by IFLA’s Governing Board, being part of the settlement agreement. Due to the confidentiality clause of the settlement agreement, IFLA is unable to give any further information.

 “Amicable settlement agreement between IFLA and Secretary General Gerald Leitner

IFLA and Gerald Leitner have agreed amicably to end his contract at the end of 2022. When we announced earlier this year our intent to part ways with Gerald Leitner, we did so without much explanation. Contrary to rumors, Gerald Leitner has never been found to be liable for any legal or contractual misconduct. No investigation has found any indication of fraud or harassment.

 Gerald Leitner led the transformation of IFLA into a modern institution, ready to lead the global library field to tackle the challenges associated with ever-increasing globalisation and digitisation. He initiated the Global Vision Project which demonstrated the tremendous power libraries have together to meet these challenges. It was among the most ambitious and inclusive undertakings of IFLA’s 95-year history and invited every librarian in the world to participate.

 Gerald Leitner pushed the library sector to act on big ideas, like the Library Map of the World. He led new ways of governing that involved all of IFLA’s members in the creation of a new strategy and the restructuring of IFLA with a strong regional representation to give all parts of the world a strong voice in IFLA.

 He achieved outstanding contracts with business partners and stakeholders for IFLA and the good of the global library field. We acknowledge his contributions, and we hope that he will continue to support the global library field.”

The settlement agreement is an important step forward to secure IFLA’s future and will allow us to focus on our core activities. The Governing Board will continue its work on the future steps according to the Plan for Securing IFLA’s Future. This work will not solely be executed by us; the conversations with and contributions of members and volunteers will always play a vital part in this process.

With kind regards,

Barbara Lison

IFLA President