Dear Colleagues,

You may remember that in the course of this summer the IFLA Acquisition & Collection Development Section (ACD) published some new translations of its widely read Electronic resource guide, including Chinese (classical, or traditional).

Seeking a continuous improvement of the reach of the ACD Section work throughout various communities and cultures, we are now proud to introduce a simplified Chinese version, which will complement the classical one.

Effectively, while classical Chinese is preferably used in various parts of the Chinese-speaking world (notably Hong-Kong and Taiwan), simplified Chinese is applied across the board in Mainland China and various parts of Southeast Asia. 

Access the simplified Chinese translation here.

Please also refer to our blog posts, Facebook page and Twitter account.

With many thanks to our colleague Zhao Yan from Beijing, China, who made it possible, please let me wish you a good read!

Beyond the English version, translations now available are: Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese (classical), Chinese (simplified), French, Italian, Polish, Russian, and Spanish – and some more are to come!

Best regards,

Jérôme FRONTY, IFLA ACD Section Information Coordinator