First launched in 2018 and now in its third year, IFLA’s Dynamic Unit and Impact Award recognizes the success of IFLA’s Professional Units in achieving the expectations of a dynamic unit, as defined by the Professional Committee.

The winner of the IFLA Dynamic Unit and Impact Award 2021 is the Academic and Research Libraries Section.

Also a Special Mention for Facilitating Effective Communication was awarded to the Libraries for Children and Young Adults Section. We are proud to accept this Special Mention as a recognition of the many efforts the Section undertakes to communicate effectively with IFLA members and library colleagues around the world.

The Libraries for Children and Young Adults Section:

  • Regularly issues newsletters through its mailing list to more than 500 subscribers;
  • Launched a worldwide survey on Safer Internet Services at children’s libraries in February 2021 (results of which will be reported soon);
  • Is working on the 3rd edition of the World Through Picture Books catalogue and communicating worldwide with countries participating in this project;
  • Our Guidelines for Library Services to Children infographic is being finalized, which will make the use of the Guidelines more easily accessible and help disseminate the Guidelines throughout the library field.