2019 offers a crucial opportunity to advocate for libraries, with a focus at the United Nations on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for education, employment, equality and access to information. Great stories on these themes will show national and international leaders how important the contribution of libraries is and help win the recognition our institutions deserve.

IFLA’s Library Map of the World (LMW) provides a unique digital space to share stories that demonstrate libraries’ contribution to achieving the SDGs and help libraries elsewhere in the world show decision-makers the potential they have and win their support.

Let’s prepare and advocate together

From promoting literacy to offering free access to information, libraries are safe and welcoming spaces. They are positioned at the heart of communities, both urban and rural. They advance digital inclusion by providing access to Information Communication Technology (ICT), internet connectivity and digital skills training. And they encourage innovation, creativity and access to the world's knowledge for future generations.

In summary, Libraries around the world offer a wide range of products and services that promote the achievement of each and every of the 17 SDGs. Many of those activities, projects and programmes can be turned into compelling stories.

How to tell your story

Libraries and the Sustainable Development Goals: A Storytelling Manua

Earlier this year, IFLA published its “Libraries and the Sustainable Development Goals: A Storytelling Manual”, which aims to help librarians and library advocates in telling compelling stories about activities, projects and programmes—showing their impact on communities and people’s lives.  

You can use this practical guide to prepare your story and submit it through our electronic submission form. Find additional tips and guidance on the About section of the LMW website.

The LMW team can help you to understand better the minimum requirements for stories to be published on the LMW website. If you happen to be in Kuala Lumpur for IFLA WLIC 2018, come meet us at the IFLA Booth (B121) during WLIC week to help plan your next steps.

Together, let’s make it possible to get more compelling stories online and build a stronger case for libraries that will support our collective library advocacy efforts around the world!