Established on 31 May 2021, the Thailand Nursing Library Network was based on the project ‘A study on Collaboration among Nursing Libraries in Thailand’ by Miss Surang Sirorojsakul,Librarian, Faculty of Nursing, Mahidol University and her team, with funding from the Faculty of Nursing, Mahidol University. Professor Emeritus Chutima Sacchanand, former President of the Thai Library Association and member of the Management of Library Association Section of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA), is the project’s main consultant.

Miss Surang Sirorojsakul and her team studied about the collaborations among Nursing Libraries in Thailand. The project aimed to study the needs among nursing libraries in Thailand using a questionnaire as a tool to collect data from 40 chief librarians of the state nursing educational institutes. 36 sets of survey results (90.00%) were collected, and 31 chief librarians (77.50%) joined the Thailand Nursing Library Network group on LINE.

The survey results found that the most preferred collaboration among chief librarians, indicated by 91.67% of them, is the open access database. Other potential collaborations mentioned are the development of the Thailand Nursing Research & Educational Resources Gateway website and the sharing of the list of printed materials and electronic databases.

The Thailand Nursing Library Network consists of 43 libraries (as of 30 March 2022). The objectives of the network are to improve the management efficiency of the network, to provide library users with fast and convenient service and to develop professional knowledge of librarians.

The functions and features of the Thailand Nursing Library Network are listed below:

The ‘Thailand Nursing Research & Educational Resources Gateway’ is an open access website developed through the nationwide network of nursing libraries to promote cooperative acquisition, resource sharing, teaching, online learning, research support and nursing quality. It provides great benefits for the nursing instructors, nursing students and professional nurses, as well as librarians’ continuing professional development, all geared toward nursing educational quality.

Miss Surang won the Best Award from the contest held by the Provincial University Library Network of Thailand (PULINET) at the 12th PULINET Online Annual National Conference. PULINET awards are given to project presenters who meet the criteria below:

  • The objectives of the project are clear and consistent with the origin and significance of the problem.
  • Systematic operation and in accordance with the theme of the conference or new creativity in the development of work/research is consistent with the theme of the conference.
  • Keeps up with changes in current conditions and is valuable to users and the implementation of library work.

Congratulations to Miss Surang Sirorojsakul, the team leader, and the members of the team for their proactive and dedicated efforts.

Thailand Nursing Research & Educational Resources Gateway

Miss Surang Sirorojsakul, the team leader

Best Award from research presentation contest
at the 12 the PULINET 2022 Online National Conference

Written by: Surang Sirorojsakul, Librarian, Faculty of Nursing, Mahidol University, Thailand