Over 80 organisations, among which IFLA, have co-signed an open letter to Ministers attending the European Union’s Competitiveness Council on 30 November an 1 December 2017. The letter underlines, in only one sentence, the potential irreparable damage that the European copyright reform can cause to Europe’s fundamental rights and freedoms,  economy  and competitiveness, education and research, innovation and competition, creativity and culture, if done badly.

IFLA continues to advocate for copyright regimes that allow libraries to better serve their users. In the European Union, IFLA makes the case for a clear legal framework for text and data mining, an exception for illustration for teaching that recognises libraries as non-formal education providers, the possibility to digitize for preservation and other purposes, and for an adequate regime for out of commerce works (see a joint position paper here).

Read the full letter here.

Letter signatories