Since 2008 Latin America and the Caribbean meet annually in preparation for the Internet Governance Forum (IGF), this year to be held 6—9 December in Guadalajara, Mexico. This year saw the ninth LACIGF (Latin America and the Caribbean IGF) take place 27—29 July 2016 in San José, Costa Rica.

Representatives from governments, the private sector, the technical community, academia and civil society organisations participated in this regional IGF to discuss prospects for the IGF agenda in the region. Hilda Gómez, recently awarded the ABES (Asociación de Bibliotecarios de El Salvador) 2016 Librarian Award, an active member of the association, represented ABES at the event.

Sessions during the meeting were centered around the issues on greater development of infrastructure, digital services and connectivity, access to information, human rights, education, economy, cybersecurity, surveillance and how to engage young people in this type of events.

All sessions can be seen (in Spanish) at the event page for LACIGF 9.

IFLA thanks Hilda Gómez for sharing this report!