The BSLISE Working Group has launched a new project profiling library and information science (LIS) students worldwide – “The Student Spotlight”.

The Building Strong LIS Education (BSLISE) Working Group is devoted to strengthening the international quality of library and information science education (LIS), and consequently, the excellence of LIS professional practice. It is made up of members from across the globe and is an initiative of the IFLA Section on Education and Training (SET), LIS Education in Developing Countries SIG, and Section on Library Theory and Research (LTR).

How does LIS education vary from one country to another? How does the experience remain the same? What is currently working for LIS students? — The Student Spotlight project hopes to address these questions in an engaging, interesting social media initiative. It is one of the ways to incorporate the LIS student experience into the conversations surrounding LIS education.

Developed by then graduate student Amanda Thomson (USA), now an MLIS graduate, this project has started its coverage of the United States, Nigeria, and Malaysia.

Wish to know more about this project? Then, read Amanda’s contribution in the July 2020 SET Newsletter.

Wish to participate in “The Student Spotlight”? Then write to [email protected].

Disseminate this information in your country among LIS schools. We are waiting to hear the voices of LIS students around the globe.