IFLA has just released several new Professional Reports, available for free download in PDF.  They are:

  • 122.

    Dons et échanges de collections : Recommandations aux Bibliothèques

    Kay Ann Cassell, Sharon Johnson, Judith Mansfield et Sha Li Zhang, Section Acquisition et Développement des Collections IFLA
    La Haye, IFLA Headquarters, 2008. – 23 p. 30 cm
    (Rapports professionnels de l’IFLA : 122)
    French Translation of IFLA Professional Report 112
    ISBN 978-90-77897-44-7
    ISSN 0168-1931

  • 121.
    Donaciones para las Colecciones: Directrices para las Bibliotecas
    Kay Ann Cassell, Sharon Johnson, Judith Mansfield y Sha Li Zhang para la Sección de Adquisiciones y Desarrollo de Colecciones de la IFLA
    La Haya, IFLA Headquarters, 2010. – 23 pp. 30 cm
    (IFLA Professional Report: 121)
    Spanish translation of IFLA Professional Report 112
    ISBN 978-90-77897-43-0
    ISSN 0168-1931
  • 120.
    Guidelines for easy-to-read materials
    Revision by Misako Nomura, Gyda Skat Nielsen and Bror Tronbacke on behalf of the IFLA/Library Services to People with Special Needs Section
    The Hague, IFLA Headquarters – 31p. – 30 cm
    (IFLA Professional Reports; 120)
    ISBN 978-90-77897-42-3
    ISSN 0168-1931

The series is published by IFLA Headquarters in The Hague under the auspices IFLA’s Professional

Print copies of Professional Reports may be ordered directly from IFLA Headquarters and many are available free for download.  For complete details, please visit our IFLA Professional Reports webpage.