It’s a time of transformation in IFLA!  With our new strategy, launched last year, we want to ensure we have the best possible structures for delivery.

The three videos below, from IFLA’s President, Chair of the Professional Committee, and Secretary General, will take you through the current stage of the IFLA Governance Review and introduce the proposed changes highlighted in yesterday’s release of the Working Paper.

We’re also about to kick off the first of more than a dozen virtual round tables, with Members and volunteers, that will give you the opportunity to improve on these proposals. We hope to see as many of you there as possible!

Effective Strategic Leadership: Proposals for IFLA’s Governing Board

IFLA President Christine Mackenzie introduces plans for ensuring that our Governing Board is fully transparent, and that your voices are heard.

Supporting the Profession: Proposals for IFLA’s Professional Structure

Vicki McDonald, Chair of IFLA’s Professional Committee, shows how we’re building opportunity and support to share your energy and experience most effectively, to create projects and initiatives that enrich our profession as a whole.

Stronger Voice and Reach: Proposals for IFLA’s Regional Structures

Gerald Leitner, IFLA Secretary General, details what IFLA’s governance review will mean for regional representation and participation in our organisations.