Almost a year ago, IFLA’s Governance Review began. Now, after two surveys, numerous inputs by e-mail and letter, and countless conversations, we have come to a key moment in our efforts to give IFLA structures that match the ambition of our Strategy.

This is a crucial area of focus for our Federation. IFLA can best build a strong and united library field when it has the right structures in place.

To take this work forwards, the first of IFLA’s series of virtual round tables with Members and volunteers will take place later this week. Over the rest of the month, members of IFLA’s Governing Board will take part in conversations with the people that make IFLA work – representatives of associations and institutions as well as individuals – in order to hear how we can design the best possible proposals for IFLA’s governance.  

In order to support this critical phase in the Governance Review process, we are happy to share a range of resources.

First of all, these are designed to provide further detail on the proposals, in response to the strong desire expressed by respondents to our survey in June and July. They also provide background for discussions during the round tables. We are publishing them on our website in order to give as many members of our field as possible the possibility to engage.

In particular, we are publishing an updated version of the draft proposal launched on 18 June. This includes more detail, and initial changes already agreed by the Governing Board following our survey.

Complementing this, a questions and answers webpage that addresses many of the points raised in the responses you gave at that phase of our consultations, focusing on the different parts of the draft proposal.

We strongly encourage you to read and reflect on them. IFLA’s Members and volunteers have received invitations to round tables, and will be able to ask questions and share their views there. If you have not received an invitation, you can either provide input by e-mail, or work through your representatives to do so.  

We need your input to build an IFLA that serves the field best. We look forward to your input.

We are IFLA!

Gerald Leitner
IFLA Secretary General