IFLA’s current strategy comes to an end next year, and so it is time to start reflecting on how it has worked, and what should follow. This year’s World Library and Information Congress provides an opportunity to start gathering feedback – we’re looking forward to your views!

The 2019-2024 Strategy is the result of a highly inclusive and interactive process, drawing on the inputs of over 30 000 librarians through the Global Vision process.

It marked a radical change from previous editions, offering a framework not only to guide the work of IFLA’s volunteers and Headquarters team, but also to allow synergies and collaboration opportunities to be identified across the field.

This has given us a document which, in the face of both the COVID-19 pandemic and internal changes, has continued to provide structure and support for our work.

The question now is of what comes next, and will act as IFLA’s core reference document through and beyond our centenary in 2027.

It is impossible to answer this properly without the input of our members, volunteers and wider community. And so the 2023 World Library and Information Congress will mark a starting point in a phase of listening to you about what has and has not worked so well with our current strategy.

Those attending and interested to get involved should mark the following sessions in your diaries!

President’s Session (Tuesday 22 August, 15:00-16:30, Rotterdam A): this is always a significant moment in the Congress, and this year will be focused on the connection between the four Strategic Directions in our Strategy, and the theme chosen by our President, Barbara Lison – Libraries Building a Sustainable Future. Hear about the great work that has already taken place and why this helps to prepare for the long-term, and take the opportunity to think about how you and your work fits in.

Strategy Session (Tuesday 22 August, 16:45-17:45, Rotterdam A): building on the President’s session, this is your opportunity to share your experience of working with the current IFLA Strategy, and to suggest potential changes. The session will be a dynamic one, using online voting in order to give everyone the chance to contribute.

President-elect’s Session (Thursday 24 August, 10:00-11:30, Rotterdam A): focused on the chosen theme of our incoming President, Vicki McDonald, this session explores what it means to be ‘stronger together’. Hear from inspiring and insightful speakers about what deepening collaboration looks like to them, and discuss what this means for IFLA’s own work going forwards!

If you are not able to attend WLIC, don’t worry. As highlighted this is of course only the start of a longer phase of listening to those working with the IFLA Strategy to find out about its impacts, and what changes we should explore in the future. For those who can attend, see you there!