IFLA Development Roadmap 2017-2024


IFLA’s Governance review is officially underway and we already have an impressive and encouraging response. Let’s have a look at the first steps aimed at optimising IFLA as an organisation!

How do we optimise IFLA?

IFLA is embarking on a journey, and we cannot do it alone. Launching the new strategy 2019-2024 was only the beginning. In order to achieve our mission, we must first optimise our organisation, focussing our efforts on building a united and connected library field.

This is why in September 2019, IFLA began a year-long Governance review. IFLA’s President, leadership, and a network of stakeholders will review the Governance, Strategic Committees and Professional Units of IFLA. At the end of this process, they will present a proposal for improving their effectiveness to the General Assembly in August 2020.

Input from IFLA Members and Professional Units

In the same spirit of inclusion, participation, collaboration and transparency as we saw with the Global Vision and IFLA Strategy, we began the Review by asking our Members and Professional Units to share their ideas.

It is only in this way that we can build an IFLA that represents and works for the global library field most efficiently. And they took us up on the offer!

IFLA Secretary General Gerald Leitner said:


The response rate was both impressive and encouraging. We were excited to see such an enthusiastic response from across our global community. These ideas are being reviewed and will be vital to informing leadership throughout the Governance Review.

This is the next step in our transformative work together as a global library community – and we look forward to continuing together in a spirit of collaboration and transparency.

Stay tuned for more information as the process continues!