Viviana QuiñonesWith the lines that follow we would like to memorialize Viviana Quiñones, our dear and outstanding colleague in the IFLA section ‘Libraries for Children and Young Adults’. She died on 16 December 2020, after more than two years of illness. 

Viviana was a true star with the unique ability to make everyone feel special and important. She had an inclusive attitude and a spirit that could reach even to the farthest end of a big hall. Viviana had a sense for the beauty and goodness in life. Her knowledge of different languages was a big asset for her.  

Always très chic, she was a brilliant professional who always gave her full potential and also added something extra – a warm smile.

Though petite, she had strong willpower and the ability to make things happen. With the magic of a fairy godmother she could bring an idea to life, realize it and also successfully finalize it.  She had the ability to combine big visions with small details. Viviana was ambitious and hard-working, well prepared, generous and willing to explain everything in detail so that everyone felt embraced.

She was passionate in the belief that children’s literature could make a difference and that library services are necessary tools for individual development and education. No matter where in the world, the aims are similar but the circumstances are different. 

Viviana held different positions in the IFLA section ‘Libraries for Children and Young Adults’ and in IFLA’s organisation.

As the IFLA section ‘Libraries for Children and Young Adults’ we send our deepest condolences to her family and friends around the world, joining Gerald Leitner, Secretary General of IFLA, in his message from 18 December:

“Originally from Argentina, Viviana lived much of her life in France. She was passionate about services for children and young adults and an advocate for libraries. Her work as International Officer at the Bibliothèque nationale de France, and particularly in the National Centre for Children’s Literature, where she first started working in 1987, put her in contact with children’s librarians throughout the French-speaking world.

She was deeply convinced of the importance of access to information and libraries as a means of human development. She will be remembered for her dedication to cooperation with African librarians serving young people. Her many activities included a professional journal, training and seminars in many countries, and projects like the “World through Picture Books” publication and exhibition.

She was involved with IFLA for over 16 years, particularly in the Children and Young Adults Section where she held positions as Secretary and Chair of the Section. She brought her interests in capacity building to IFLA’s Library Development Committee which focused on advocacy and development. Viviana was a member of the IFLA Governing Board from 2015 – 2017 as Chair of Division III and was then elected to the Board for a second term from 2017 – 2019. She will be remembered for her vivacity, concern for others and fighting spirit.

On behalf of the IFLA Governing Board and IFLA family, I send our condolences to her family, friends and many colleagues around the world.” Gerald Leitner, Secretary General IFLA