The Centre for Information Technology in Education, University of Hong Kong (HKU) and HKU Libraries co-organised a webinar titled “Tips for Your First Research Paper — From Proposal to Publish”.

As part of “Publish and Share Your Research: Suggestions from Editors and Librarians Seminar Series”, this webinar focused on the tips and tools on literature search and research publishing. Through this seminar series, researchers at the University of Hong Kong and around the world could gain insights on formulating research topic, conducting research, and publishing and promoting research.

The seminar was held both in person and via Zoom on 17 October 2023 and attended by undergraduate students, postgraduate students, research or teaching staff and library stafffrom across the world, in particular, Hong Kong SAR, India, China, Philippines, Myanmar, Pakistan, Australia and United Arab Emirates. There were 12 on-site attendees and 186 online attendees. Dr. Yuen Yiu (Device Editor, Cell Press) and Dr. Sophia Zhang (Research Intelligence, Customer Consultant, Elsevier) were the speakers for the session.

Key points of the webinar

The seminar began with an opening address by Dr. Esther Woo, Director of Library Services, HKU and co-opted member at Centre for Information Technology in Education. This was followed by an introduction by the host, Ms. Tina Yang, the Associate Librarian, HKU.

Snippet of Dr. Esther Woo’s Opening Address

The first speaker was Dr. Yuen Yiu (Device Editor, Cell Press). He gave a crash course on how to craft a research article or an opinion piece, from the basic Dos and Don’ts to the insider knowledge from his experience as a full-time editor. Then, he went over some common pitfalls and missed opportunities when promoting research. He also briefly shared his thoughts on the use of AI in scientific publishing and other ethical concerns. His enlightening sharing prompted a lot of thoughts and questions from the audience.

Snippet of Dr. Yuen Yiu’s presentation

This was followed by a presentation by Dr. Sophia Zhang (Research Intelligence, Customer Consultant, Elsevier). She talked about one-click understanding and following cutting-edge research topics with curated comprehensive citation databases. Then she explained the reasons behind and ways of managing academic profiles. Finally, her introduction and demonstration on Scopus AI, which could be considered an “academic ChatGPT” for research, sparked curiosity and discussion from the audience.

Snippet of Dr. Sophia Zhang’s presentation

A recording of the session is available here


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