IFLA’s Professional Units bring the brightest minds in the field together to address issues relevant to libraries and library and information workers at a global level. These international, diverse and vibrant groups of library experts are dedicated to building the capacity, and realising the potential, of our profession. Find out more about the projects they are undertaking, and how you can follow and get involved with their work. 

IFLA’s 50+ Professional Units, representing sectors, specialties and principles of the Library and Information field, have developed project action plans for work to be undertaken during the 2021-2023 term, and beyond. 

Planned projects and initiatives take a variety of forms and emphasise, amongst other areas, communication, sustainability and professional development. With this work, the IFLA Professional Structure – Section Standing Committees and Special Interest Groups – engage with library professionals to support field-wide professional practice.  

IFLA professional standards, guidelines and publications also play a central role in the Committees’ work this term, where resources focusing on quality practice, improving service, linking data and aligning technical standards are being created or revised. Free and open access to these resources can be found online in the IFLA Repository.  

Finally, to get involved with a SIG or Section’s work, view the Unit’s Projects pages and contact a project lead or Officer from the Section, or the Special Interest Group Convenor, to see how your skills and expertise might contribute to the Unit’s work. Then sign up for the IFLA Newsletter and follow your favourite Professional Sections’ and SIGs’ social media accounts to stay up to date with progress and new developments.  

Looking forward to an exciting 2021-2023 term with this vibrant group of Professional Unit Volunteers.