Smarter Bibliographies: Connecting and engaging national bibliographies with new platforms

The world of cataloguing is changing. As cataloguers, we attend conferences where machine learning is the new black and open linking techniques can help solve our current and future needs of Universal Bibliographic Control. At the same time, we are moving very fast and very slowly indeed. How to act? How to keep on curating metadata collections for the benefit of our libraries, nations and the rest of the world? The future is present but the present has not left the building.

The IFLA Bibliography Section will be hosting a 2-hour open session during the 2020 conference in Dublin, Ireland. Update: WLIC 2020 conference is cancelled. We are seeking papers that highlight inspiring and creative ways of creating and distributing national bibliographies.

Topics may include (but are not limited to):

  • Metadata for output of national bibliographies
  • Quality assessment methods
  • Teamwork and productivity issues
  • Updating of skills
  • Incorporating non-traditional methods of scholarly communication and other grey literature
  • The relevance and benefits of national bibliographies in the 21st century
  • Targeting new audiences

Deadline for proposals: 1 April 2020