19 August 2021  Online 10:00am CEST

Green libraries are not only designed to minimize negative impact on the natural environment and maximize indoor environmental quality by means of environmental sustainability, such as careful site selection, use of natural construction materials, conservation of energy and resources, recycling and etc. Rather they focus on related services, activities and projects demonstrating the social role and responsibility of libraries as examples, enablers, and educators in their community. In this session, the winner and runner-ups from the IFLA Green Library Award 2020 competition will present their outstanding exemplary projects. Also the winners for IFLA Green Library Award 2021 will be announced and presented. In 2021 the best green library and the best green library project were awarded. Moreover, a special recognition was given to a submission which made great impression to the Award committee. All contribution are in Pecha Kucha format and they will come from Thailand, Sri Lanka, Croatia, Senegal, Canada, Finland and Cuba.

Session Programme


Petra HaukeHarri Sahavirta

Rangsit University Library and Sustainable Environment Management Report

Malivan Praditteera

The Hangzhou Public Library’s Approach to Get Involved in the Green Mission

Xiaoxi HE

Public Library “Juraj Šižgorić”, Sibenik – “Project Green Library”

Melinda Grubišić Reiter

Lambaye Learning Center – “An Ecological Learning Center”

Assane Fall

The Edmonton Public Library

Roman Szczepanik

Oulu City Library: A Responsible Library as Promoter of Environmental Awareness

Minna Männikkö

BiblioVerde, a space to share and learn in harmony with nature

Ramón Alberto Manso Rodríguez

Q&A Session

Moderator: Priscilla Pun