There is increasing use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies in many aspects of library operations in particular public and reference services. Some vendors are also adding elements of AI in library products including discovery and research platforms. The role and impact of AI present both opportunities and challenges. This satellite will explore Open Search, discovery, user interface design and user experience and the role and impact of AI technologies in these areas.

We invite your proposals and to join us to share and explore the connections between reference and information services and IT through AI. IT plays a significant role in the development and use of AI technologies but its uses can have considerable impact and possible unintended consequences on library operations and services.  We are keen to see proposals that explore the important connections between the AI technologies and the operations and/or service side of all types of Libraries.
The IT and Preservation and Reference & Information Services Sections are sponsoring a joint Satellite in WLIC 2020 in Galway, Ireland on the topic of “Artificial Intelligence in Discovery and User Experience”
We welcome you to submit proposals and to join us in Galway
Call for papers and satellite complete description: