9:00 Registration Opens (Tea, coffee, and pastries on arrival)

9.30 Welcome from Valerie Glass and Melissa Johnston

Introduction of SC members present

10:00 Overview of the day’s agenda — Barbara Schultz-Jones USA

Overview of the models of inquiry book project — introduction of contributors.

Overview of research underpinning the models of inquiry– the big ideas

Why models of inquiry are important in teaching and learning

11: 00 Coffee/tea break

11:30 Developing Models of Inquiry –

FOSIL / Darryl Toerien (UK) |

Guided Inquiry DesignBuffy Edwards (USA) |

Focus on Inquiry | Dianne Oberg (Canada)

Why was this instructional model chosen (or what were its roots)?

What are the strengths / special features of the model?

How has it been disseminated / shared with others?

12:00 Questions and Answers about the models of inquiry

12:45 Lunch break

14:00 Implementing Models of Inquiry (20-minutes sessions)

Deep Collaboration by Teacher and Librarian to Develop an Inquiry Mindset /Darryl Toerien (UK)

Using the Document de Collecte/Collection Document with French Secondary Students Valerie Glass (France)

Curiosity, Conversation, and Connection Through Guided Inquiry Design / Jenna Nemec-Loise (USA)

Public School Libraries in Inquiry-Based Learning in Japan / Rei Iwasaki and Mutsumi Ohira (Japan)

15:20 – 16:00 Barbara Schultz-Jones (USA) – Sharing of highlights, questions to presenters

16:00 – 16:30 Valerie Glass (France) and Melissa Johnston (USA) – goodbyes, invitations to the rest of the conference, special events.