The IFLA Academic & Research Libraries (ARL) Section is delighted  to share the news that our grant assessment team led by Astrid Verheusen have decided to offer the WLIC Congress attendance grant generously sponsored by Sage and Ex Libris to attend WLIC Congress in Dublin in July to the following three successful applicants from three different regions. They are:

  • Roana Flores from the Philippines, 
  • Danitza Noemi Coronel Tola from Bolivia,  and
  • Jerry Mathema from Zimbabwe.

Roana, Danitza and Jerry have accordingly registered to attend the Congress.

We’ll be delighted to meet them during the Congress and encourage them to enjoy all aspects of this exciting event.

We have announced this in our ARL Newsletter, the first issue of which has just been distributed globally.

Roana, Danitza and Jerry will also write about their Congress experiences as a blog later on.

We always make sure we publicise Sage and Ex Libris’ sponsorship widely.

We are grateful for their generous sponsorship and hope they will continue to sponsor the grant to first time WLIC Congress attendees in the future.

Kind regards,

Gulcin Crib
Chair, IFLA Academic and Research Libraries Section