Today, IFLA publishes a paper providing a high-level view of our new governance structures, giving Members, Affiliates and potential candidates for elected roles a clear overview of how our Federation will work in future. You are also invited to a series of round tables that will explain the process 

The call for nominations for IFLA’s elections and appointments process 2021 has been open for two weeks now. There has been a great level of interest from potential nominators and nominees alike.

IFLA’s elections webpages already provide all the key information about each of the different types of position open to you, including the expectations of candidates, as well as who can stand and nominate and, where relevant, how many nominations are needed.

Yet in order to have the strongest, most diverse range of candidates ever for an IFLA election, we are keen to go further.

Governance Overview

Complementing the information on our webpages, we are happy to share, today, an overview of IFLA’s new governance, updating the Working Paper published in August 2020.

This provides an idea of the overall structure of IFLA once our new Statutes and Rules come into effect, following our August General Assembly. Our elections and appointments are being carried out in accordance with these new rules.

The overview complements these new Rules of Procedure, also published today for information. The current Statutes and Rules of Procedure continue to apply until August.

Access the Overview and the new Statutes and Rules of Procedure.

We encourage you to look through the overview in order to understand more fully how our new structures will fit together, and how you can contribute to making them a success.


IFLA will also be organising six virtual round tables, providing an opportunity to explain the new structures and the nominations process, and provide answers to your questions.

These will focus, respectively, on our Governing Board, professional structures and new regional structures, with two round tables each, held at different times to facilitate participation by the whole global library field. The round tables on each subject will repeat, and so there is no need to attend, for example, both Governing Board sessions.  

You are welcome to register for the following round tables, by theme:

Governing Board

Professional Structures

Regional Structures

We look forward to seeing you there.