Good ideas for better libraries – share your experience!

How do I reach out to teens? How can I improve the story telling hour at my library? I want to engage parents in reading aloud to their children, but how?

Librarians working with children and young adults are always seeking inspiration, ideas and good examples from other colleagues. How can we develop the library when it comes to events, reading promotions, outreach work, partnerships or, more and more important, innovative use of library space?

Section runs a project where we together collect, display and share good ideas for library services for children and young adults. The platform for this is The Best Practices YouTube Channel. You can contribute a video of your good idea for a better library, share your experience with colleagues and get inspired by others. How? It's easy - just follow the instructions below...

Why YouTube? Librarians are information and media specialists and role models for using new technology. Using social media teaches librarians important skills about media literacy, copyright and privacy issues and technology.

To share your example on YouTube - this is how it works:

  1. Make a video. Involve your colleagues and working team in making the video! It’s fun and you learn a lot :). Or involve parents, children or other VIPs in the project …

  2. Upload the video on Section’s YouTube channel playlist 

  3. Video should be max. 3 minutes

  4. Write a short description in English about your example:
    -target group
    -aims and goals
    -materials and resources needed
    -the impact of the activity

Practical instructions for the videos 

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  • add the target age group of your activity (if relevant) as tags: babies, toddlers, children, teenagers, young adults

  • add relevant keywords and tags in English

  • add your contact details: name, organization, country and contact info of the organization

  • remember to take care of copyright and privacy issues (presenting videos/photos about children, background sounds or music, CC licensing etc). IFLA Section is not responsible for violations caused by individuals.

 If you have any questions, please contact Section info coordinator

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Last update: 8 March 2019