The Global Centre for Information and Communication Technologies in Parliament

The Global Centre for Information and Communication Technologies in Parliament was a joint initiative of IPU and the United Nations Department for Economic and Social Affairs that was launched in November 2005. 

Its objectives were to:

  • Foster the introduction of ICT in parliaments to increase transparency and effectiveness and strengthen their central role as promoters of good governance and democracy.

  • Reinforce the role of parliaments in establishing the legislative frameworks required for the development of sustainable ICT policies and an inclusive Information Society.

  • Increase citizens' access to parliaments activities and documentation, thereby improving openness and accountability in legislatures.

  • Find new modalities of coordination between the international community and parliaments in supporting ICT-related initiatives, both in their research and operational aspects.

The Global Centre acted as a clearing house for information and research on the use of ICT in parliaments, and promoted a structured dialogue among parliaments and other organizations, in order to enhance the sharing of experiences, the identification of good practices and the implementation of appropriate solutions.

Last update: 24 May 2019