17 November 2020

Professional Unit Virtual Event - Preservation of Digital Complex Objects

Agenda and downloadable files :

  • The preservation of complex digital objects - Experiences with emerging formats at the British Library (Michael Day, Giulia Carla Rossi, Ian Cooke, and Maureen Pennock) - Presentation slides
  • Don’t wait until it’s too late - Can preservation influence the design of complex digital publications? (Nicole Coleman and Jasmine Mulliken) - Presentation slides (please note : video content unavailable); Full paper
  • Extracting online publications embedded in websites : NDL initiatives and challenges (Nobuaki Inoie, Masaki Shibata and Tetsuro Kudo) - Presentation slides  ; Full paper
  • Preserving digital complex objects in the GLAM community through digital humanities - a study on Ancient Indian scripts (Ashwin Kumar Kushwaha and Ajay Pratap Singh) - Presentation slides ; Full paper
  • Q&A

Last update: 19/11/2020

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