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About the Centre 

The IFLA PAC Regional Center for Central Asia officially began operations with the signing of the first treaty in 2008. The PAC Centre covers countries such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.

The PAC Centre provides services including restoration, conservation and binding in 3 functional areas: 1. Laboratory of scientific preservation of documents; 2. Restoration and binding area; 3. School for the conservation and restoration of written documents.



The PAC Centre in Kazakhstan offers a number of activities and training carried out by invited leading restorers and specialists of the field. Every year specialists from libraries, archives and museums in Kazakhstan are invited to the PAC Centre to for training to improve their skills. Employees of the National Libraries of the region are invited to attend as well. The PAC Centre has furthermore hosted events for the IFLA Preservation & Conservation Centre with great success.

Though the PAC Centre covers a wide range of areas in the field of preservation and conservation, the Centre holds a particular knowledge and expertise in restoration, conservation and binding specializes in the biological and physico-chemical stabilization of library documents. A visual inspection of the storage premises of the funds is systematically carried out by the PAC Centre. As a result of which biovarious documents are selected and sent to the laboratory for purification and biostabilization. Then the documents are subjected to physico-chemical stabilization of documents.

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